I can’t specify a category where my writing falls. It’s like a dream. You never really recall what it was, but it felt good.

Denise R. Harrell, New York Writer

I’m a New York born ESU graduate. I worked as an ESL instructor in Korea for nearly five years. I maybe the only one on the planet who hasn’t watched Breaking Bad. Hopefully Game of Thrones is a worthy substitute. My favorite color is black, and the most enjoyable hobby of mine is judging the choices of criminals on Court Cam.

Oh, yes! I’m also an imaginative creative writer with flexible writing skills and style. I have some basic knowledge of SEO strategies and strong research skills. While I specialize in fiction and academic writing, I am working on content and copy. I’m currently hunting down that New York high rise job employer that will throw me the experience I desperately need to finagle the company up under them… Or an entry level job where I can learn, grow and make a decent living wage.

Check out some of my work. I’m excited to share what I do with the world.


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