The Boy I Love

The boy I love bit deep my garden peach

and about his mouth juice ran.

In every crack of dried lip it dripped,

Inundating the cleft above his chin.

And oh how he suckled.

I grew this peach for that boy.

He may venture full from my garden,

but it waters still for him.

He came for fresh fruit and vegetation,

Yet full he leaves to pick from other trees.

And who am I to deny this would be man his need

To satiate himself from my want to fill him.

I grew this peach for that boy,

But I’ve grown mangoes too.

And with flesh tougher than that peach,

This new venturer takes time to peel in earnest.

Even now he sits between the two trees perched high above my hill

His hunger is far more ravenous than that boy’s.

And that boy I did love will return someday in wonder.

He will find the peach trees uprooted.

The garden will bloom with appetizing new fruit,

Unavailable to him, but growing nonetheless.

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